Can't download program to IQ

I am trying to download a simple program onto my robot but I am getting this error and I have used the firmware software to re-install the current version (with ROBOTC selected) downloaded the Prolific USB-to-Serial Driver (Windows 7) and it still isn’t working.

Any Ideas to get it working.
This is the first time I am putting a user created program onto the the robot.



I am getting exactly the same error message, but none of the suggested remedies help. We updated brain and controller with VEXos and Used the Firmware update in RobotC. Still getting the error. Very frustrating.

Yes we had the problem in our club too. Here is our solution: On the robot’s main settings menu, there is a line called Start at:Home. Change it to anything else by pressing the check button. Restart and try again. Our issue was solved this way. Not sure why it works though!