Can't get wireless to work.

Hi, we got this Super Kit a couple of months back and the wife set it up with my son. Now, neither is overly technical so when I saw my son running it around with the blue cord attached to the controller i asked if it wasn’t wireless. My wife said it is supposed to, but she could not get it to work.

Now today i figured i would take the radios out, the batteries out and start from scratch with the set. I even updated it’s firmware. I’ll be danged if i can get the wireless to work on it.

It connects with the Tethered blue cord, with the icon cord displayed on the brain, but just cannot get the thing to do wireless.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Make sure the radios are pushed all the way in until they click. Sometimes they are attached, but not all the way in.

If that doesn’t work then one of your radios is probably bad. But which one?

If the radio on the brain is working, then the little icon next to the battery icon (upper right of screen or brain) with go through this ‘stepping’ animation with the signal bars, like it’s searching for the controller signal. If you don’t see the animation, then the radio in the brain is the bad one. Otherwise it’s the one in the controller. To verify this move the radio in the brain to the controller and run the animation test again.

Thanks for the info. I remembered seeing the stepping animation so i went and reseated both radios and really pressing them in. Sure enough i got it to light up the bars. I swear i had them solidly in there the last time!

Thanks again!!