Can't have more than one program in vexcode iq on ipad

Help please!
The problem I’m having is that we can’t create more than one program at a time. Each time someone tries to make a second program it erases the first program.

The screen shows that the program is saved. The student selects a new file and it writes over the first one, losing all the work they had. It happens to all of our iPads.

We are using 7th gen iPad and we have the newest update of vexcode iq.

What am I missing?

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Definitely not expected behavior. On the device having this issue, please use the feedback tool in the software and ensure “diagnostic information” is selected. In the comments just post your forum name and we’ll be able to track down the logs to see what is happening from there.


Hey @rhoward83 ,

I am one of the new developers on the team. We have been looking at this issue the past few days, I just had a question.

When you are making a new project, are you going through the “File” tab, or are you hitting the filename rectangle at the top of the field?

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I believe we have tried both ways and it’s the same problem. You start a new file and it writes over the first one.

In the data analysis that we’ve done with users who have submitted “Feedback”, we’re seeing a lot of “save” actions but not a lot of “open” actions… This is leading us to theorize that users are incorrectly using the project name area as an “open” dialog, when in actuality it’s a “save as” dialog on the iPad (and a “rename” dialog on Win/Mac/Chrome)…


For example - if a student has a “blank” project file (i.e. a new session), then taps the “project name” at the top of the interface, then select an existing project from the file dialog - they’re effectively overwriting that project file with a “blank” project. Students should use the “File - Open” to correctly open files to prevent this unintentional loss of data.

To better communicate this behavior, we’re working to add an overwrite confirmation dialog into the iPad version of VEXcode Blocks to alert users of this behavior. When a user selects an existing file, they will be asked to confirm that they want to overwrite that file before any data is lost. We are hoping that alert will stop users from accidentally overwriting their projects.