Can't intake cubes

Our spinners are able to intake around three cubes but then they aren’t able to lift up any more. Should we try moving them closer together?

Could you please post a picture or video (can’t do that directly-need to use a gif, or post it to gooogle docs or YouTube) of your intakes please? It seems like a compression problem

If you are not able to intake cubes it means you have issues with compression. You can do one one of two things. You can move the intakes closer together or you can rubber band them in a way that will restrict the I takes from spreading apart. I hope this was helpful

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It would be a good idea to post a picture of your intake, usually you just have to add more rubber bands or tweak where you place the rubber bands on the arm.

image image

It looks like your intakes are too far apart, so you don’t get enough grip of cubes

Yes, or more bracing on arms

You really should not use an axle for the Intake as it is subject to much more slip and less compression. You might want to consider adding more rubber bands as that can alleviate some of the compression issues. Another thing I would recommend would be to physically move the intake a hole or a half closer to each other.

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Are the intakes slipping or stalling once you reach 3 cubes?

You want the space between the intakes to be smaller than the cube

if the intakes still spin but don’t push the cubes up than it is a compression issue.
if the intakes stop spinning then it is a torque issue.

on thing I can say is that you should not be cantilevering your intakes (only supporting the axles on one side of the sprocket).
but another c channel on the bottom of the intake, and connect it to the top c channel, probably with standoffs through the middle of the intake and behind the larger sprocket.


This helps so much, thanks!


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