Can't see match results on robotevents?

So I was looking at robotevents trying to look at old scores and results from previous years.

However when I took a look at the results tab, I didn’t see anything load up.

Here’s what the page looks like to me.


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I tried to l look at a random tournament from the ITZ season and the same thing happened. Must be a bug. I hope it gets fixed!

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Sometimes the events just don’t release their scores. This is from what I understand, only if it appears on VexVia is it probably a glitch. What I’ve been told, some tournaments don’t actually have to relase their scores.

Ok, maybe you guys are overthinking this. As an EP during for a number of seasons, including ITZ, I have been through different systems. During ITZ we did things by the book and used VEX Via push of data. SO not an issue of not configuring or glitch. What I do recall happening is robot went through a database change, so old match data is not present. Pretty sure it is around that time frame. You can go to VEXdb and look up events there if they were published within the time window of data scraping.

Have to keep moving forward, you can’t always look back :slight_smile:


I’ve seen tournaments that have just happened, this summer, such as the world robot contest, which has not released it’s scores on robot events.

All qualifying events must upload results to Robot Events within 48 hours of event completion.

In the case of the OP, that event is a World Championship that most definitely had scores uploaded.


Yeah the photo I posted is World’s 2017.

I took a look at the developer log and all the data calls seem to error out.

You can look for it on vexdb, they have a pretty long archive of a lot of old competitions.

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All events released their stores. They don’t have a choice.

I’m seeing a similar bug from an event last weekend.

Results are in vex via but not on the website.

Screenshot_20191006-142454 Screenshot_20191006-142446

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neat investigative work - can you report it to RECF support?

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Just sent off an email.

If you look in the page source the information is there, so just a scripting issue in drawing the tables.


I noticed this myself. I’m glad to hear that the data is still accessible, and it’s just an error in displaying it.

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