Can't see "Motion" or "Drivetrain"?

I downloaded the Windows version. I believe I am scrolled all the way to the top, but my list of blocks starts with “Looks”. I don’t seem to have “Motion” or “Drivetrain”?

they will show up once you add devices and configure them. In the upper right hand corner there is an icon next to the ? icon. Click on it and set up motors and you will see the motor blocks.


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Thank you! That did it.

To anyone with the authority checking this… mentioning in the “Getting Started” video that you can not follow along until you add devices would be a nice add for complete noobs like me :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback! We’ll definitely add a mention in our tutorial videos regarding that some blocks may not be visible until devices are configured.

As another helpful hint, you can use the “File → Open Examples” to open a pre-configured template for a number of the standard VEX IQ models. These templates will be blank programs but have all of the appropriate devices pre-configured in the ports defined in the build instructions.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks. Those examples are helping a lot, too

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Does the same thing work with a chromebook?

Yes it does. Interface is the same.