Can't wait for game objects? Just run a 3d printer for 23 hours!

Heya, I’m 3d printing a cap from turquoise PLA. I didn’t have any red, so both sides will be this color. It will take 23 hours to print all of it. Attached is an image of what it looks like 2 hours in

cool. I made a min-version, since my printer only has a 4*4 inch bed. =P

I would have to cut each half in half to fit on mine, which I might just do…

I have never been a patient human being, :smiley:

It would be a shame if the print failed…

Just kidding, good luck on the print!

Has anyone tried cutting 2 mobile goals, and screwing them together? How well does this work?

I would have a look at they cut some mogos to make their ‘caps’.


Looks awesome!

Yes, it’s looking good.
I’m thinking about printing one on a Lulzbot also.
Is that taking you 12 hours per cap side?


Is that half of the cap?

Got our’s printed as well. On standard speed it took our Taz 6 forty-two hours to print half of the cap. Lot’s of support, but would have been faster without, but they look great.

I’m planning on printing a ball, and 1/4 of a cap, because our 3D printer only has a 5x5x5 printing area :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were willing to 3d print it in blocks and then tape those blocks together you could also print the platform.

Surely it would be easier just to attach some polycarbonate to some cut up starstruck hanging poles/ITZ 20pt bar?

Heck you could make your own because that stuff is readily available

Same :slight_smile:
Using the fat jet of the TAZ lulzbot takes 4 hours

4 hours you say @224x ? What settings are you using? All the other TAZ lulzbot prints are adding up to 24+ hours.

LulzBot has a product called the MOARstruder, which has a very large nozzle (like 1mm+) which sacrifices detail in order to print much much faster

Rip, I have to buy a new nozzle to print the other half because it’s too jammed. :frowning: