Can't wait for game objects? Just run a 3d printer for 23 hours!

We’re trying to get rid of all of our ABS so we are printing the pieces with it. We have the printer in a plexiglass “bubble” to help prevent warping. Any other ideas on how to prevent warping?

Did you have to turn the cap or were you able to print it in the “flat” position?

The fat jet prints 3 times faster, 4hrs for a half 8hrs for the whole. Cap.

These should all help to prevent warping when printing with ABS:
-If you have a heated bed, set it to 100-120C.
-Disable any fans in the 3D printer that may be cooling the part.
-Use a heated enclosure (looks like you have that covered).
-Use a brim around the edges of the part or a raft for the part to print on.

This makes a huge difference, if you are not already doing it. Also, I have found in the past (only use PLA now) that if there is excess moisture in the filament it warps more, along with surface finish issues. if it looks great, this probably isn’t an issue.

I unjammed the nozzle, cross your fingers!

Good luck, once you bolt it together, depending on what plastic your using, it should weigh the same as a normal cap, ours did at least.

Where are you all getting the print file at?

This should have all of the field stuff (according this thread)

@224x any pics of the finished cap? Also, it looks like you printed without supports. Did you skip supports?

I’ll get a pic up soon, it’s at my school right now, but I printed it one half at a time so I didn’t need supports

Here’s the motor


where do you find the CAD files for the field elements and V5 parts?

Field and game element CAD can be downloaded here:

Each V5 CAD file can be found on its respective product page:

Has anyone made a solid version of the V5 motor? I’m thinking of printing one but don’t want to deal with all of the internals.

My older post is a solid motor
Iyou go into cad and create a rectangle on one side, then extrude through.