Cantilevering help

My lift tower leans back when my lift is at full length. How would I cantilever without standoff’s as I don’t have any? My lift is like Zach929Ys New Years bot.

photos would help.

I’m assuming you mean “brace” rather than “cantilever.” Those are, in a general sense, opposite concepts.

To cantilever something is to attach it only at one end. Usually refers to a horizontal orientation, but when the primary loads are horizontal, it can refer to something vertical attached at only one end. Like a tower. With no bracing.

Here’s is an example of a cantilevered DR4B!

I think you mean the triangle supports on the bottom being standoffs. The same thing can be done with normal c channel. If you do not use triangle supports on the bottom towers of the dr4b than the lift will most likely tilt. A good place to look on how to make the supports is skyrise robot reveals.

I didn’t see anything in that design that was cantilevered. The towers are angle braced with c-channel. They aren’t cantilevered.

Look at the bottom four bars. The top bars on the towers and the bottom bars on the gear housing.

Sorry if I’m missing your point, but I don’t see what you mean. The tower uprights are angle braced with C-channel, so they’re not cantilevered. It would be helpful if the angle bracing attached somewhere farther up the tower upright, but it is still braced rather than cantilevered.

The only gear housing I see is inside the floating uprights that connect the two four bar lifts together. and the floating uprights can’t be braced, but neither are they cantilevered, since they’re attached at the top and bottom.

notice how on the bottom 4 bars one of the bars is outside of the towers and one is inside.

rip that ri5d claw is N A S T Y. recycling star struck gearboxes anyone :P? How’d u dig that monster up anyway :(?

No really tho, my advice is if you are going to cantilever, do it with screw joints that way your bottom tower can be only 1 bar. You could do it the way my team did it in the video but the wobble will be considerably worse. Keep the shaft/screw length short as possible. If you do a screw joint, tighten the screw hard to the support bar but don’t make the joint screw on the linkage to tight otherwise you’ll have ridiculous friction. GL.

Thank you

Yes, I see that the axle for one four bar on each side is cantilever mounted. However, that can’t possibly address the OP’s issue, which is:

To stop the lean, the tower has to be braced.

The lean might also be because of slop between the gears and c-channels. Are you using screw-joints? how are you attaching the gears to the c-channels. Lock bars are bad ideas, using screws would be a good way to start. If you don’t have standoffs the crudest method would just be to take nylocks, screw one all the way to the base of the screw (so it doesn’t move), then screw a second into wherever you need it to be.

I’m sure we could all benefit from an image, it’s the best way for us to visualize where diagonal supports are best needed.

@ElectricEagleY is anybody home?

So, we know you want (or at least wanted) some help. But as has been said a couple of times:

The picture and/or video would help so people can see what kind of lean you have and make relevant suggestions. I understood one thing while @SkinnyPanda Robotics and others understood something else, but at this point multiple people have ideas to offer.

If you’re still in need let people know. If you solved it, it will help others to know how you did it.