Cap Descoring

Is it legal to descore caps in Turning Point?

yes, but try to keep them in the field.

Generally, if something isn’t against the rules in the game manual, it is legal. You can descore caps as much as you would like, but if you knock the cap out of the field multiple times, you may be disqualified.

adding on to what The Electrobotz said, if you do knock a cap out of the field, a referee will put it back on the closest tile scored for the team that didn’t knock it out.

If the referee can not determine the team that knocked the cap out, the cap will remain outside the field.

Balls are never put back in the field.

So if you attempt to descore a cap on a post and accidently knock the cap out of the playing field, doesn’t the ref put the cap back on the post?

No the cap is placed on the field opposite the color of the robot that touched it last.

These are all in the game manual, which I recommend you read.

as indicated above, the cap goes to the field turned to the opposite color of the robot that touched it last. If the referee can not determined which alliance caused the cap to go out of the field, it will remain off the field.

Here is the Game Manual excerpt <SG8>: