Cap Flipper Help

For our cap flipper, the shaft always bends downwards because of the weight of the cap. We have tried other things to stop this like screwing the passive intake to a gear, but then the gear also slops downwards. Is there any other way to fix this without using a high strength shaft?

I wish

I’d recommend using a screw instead of an axle (still through the center of the gear). You’d either have to use a high strength gear with circular centers or drill out a hole in your current one. We did it and it worked really well (if a 2 inch screw fits).

We have tried that out, but to get it to work the way we wanted, we had to tighten the screw to a point where the gear wouldn’t spin well

Use a vex turntable

You mentioned that you mounted it directly to a gear, so you might be able to do that and use a screw (and possibly angle the entire mechanism up). That way you could keep the screw a little bit looser

That is what we are currently doing. We are trying to look for a more permanent solution

Hmmmm the only thing I think that may work would be putting a gear on the outside and screw it into the rotating part (unless I just misread something).

c-channel coupler: coupler.jpg

mhm. May work. Anyway, thanks for the help.

Have you tried using high strength axels?

We currently don’t have any, and won’t be able to get them for a while. That’s why we are trying to find a solution that doesn’t require HS axles

Ours works fine and we have three lockbars holding the fork intake to the shaft.