Cap Scoring

I’m sure this has been answered several times

Are points counted for low scored “Caps” if they still have a ball beneath it like they are setup for the beginning of the match?

We couldn’t find any clarification in the game manual.

Thanks again

Yeah they still count if there is a ball on it I believe.

Any balls location is irrelevant, as long as the core is touching the proper game elements and not touching the same colored alliance robot.

Caps with balls underneath don’t allow the core to touch the tiles, and are therefore not scored.

From the manual:

Low Scored – A Cap status. A Cap is Low Scored when a Cap’s Core is touching the foam
field tiles, white tape lines, or Platforms, without touching a Robot of the color Alliance for
which the Cap would award points. Points for a Low Scored Cap are awarded to the Alliance
color that is facing “up” when the Core half on its opposite side is touching the foam field
tiles, white tape lines, or Platform.
Note: If a Core is touching both the foam field tiles and the Center Platform, it should be
scored as if it was only touching the foam field tiles.

The official definition involved the core touching the platforms, tape, or tiles. So, no, if their is a ball beneath it it is not scored. If there is a ball ON TOP of it, then It’s scored.

Yeah, but the core of the cap HAS to be on the playing field

To clarify, the core is the cylindrical protrusion in the center of the disk. If a ball is underneath that, then the core is no longer touching the field and is not scored.

that is the core