Capabilities of Modkit iPad App?

Excited to hear that there is a new version of Modkit for the iPad that uses the bluetooth smart radio.

This will be great, because our elementary kids all have school issued iPads. It would be so much easier if we could just get Modkit installed on their iPads, rather than finding someone on each team with a laptop that they can use for programming.

So I got the Modkit app installed on an iPad, wrote a program in Modkit, and now how do I download it to the robot? The instructions are very sparse. The help page talks about connecting to a PC or Mac, but that would totally defeat the purpose.

Is it possible to download Modkit programs directly to the brain from an iPad via bluetooth? Or does there need to be some type of intermediate PC/Mac as described in the PLTW documentation?

Thanks for any help.


To connect to a brain with a bluetooth radio, you just need to tap under the Modkit Logo in the upper left corner. This opens a menu to reconnect to a previously connected brain, or add a new brain connection.


Easter egg! Thanks Paul.