Caps and poles

Hi, I had a quick question about the new game. Once you put a cap onto one of the poles, is the other team allowed to take it off, flip it then stack it on their color? It’s kinda been bothering me. Thanks to anyone who responds!!

Yes, the other team can descore your cap, and score it for themselves. All of the caps are going to be fought for until the end of the round

As @Impulse Theory says, you can descore and rescore caps on poles.

After I read the manual it seemed extremely clear that all scoring objects would be in play until the final second. So I’m curious to know why people have the impression that caps on poles might not be rescorable. Is there some particular part of the manual that lead you to that question? Maybe they can change it to eliminate the question if that’s the case.

Also, there have been several people asking about this in multiple existing threads. And there is an official answer in the Q&A concerning this:

After looking at the forum threads and the official Q&A, did none of them answer your question? Is there something that could be changed so that all the existing resources meant to provide the answer to questions satisfies that need better?

It seemed the earlier confusion came from SG8, stating that teams may not intentionally or strategically remove objects from the field, I only assume that the first thought was to descore for the opponents by knocking the caps off the poles and out of play, which would be illegal. However there is nothing that says you cant remove the cap and flip it.