Caps Intake

Please share your ideas for caps(Turning Point) intake and mechanism for turning the caps.

One that has been circulating the forum has been a passive intake that has a fork above and below the cap, so the mechanism can flip the cap and manipulate it. However, I think that it might not be the best option. After seeing gameplay and whatnot, I think that a clamp or a more optimized design (optimization regarding the grip and angle of the forks) would work better.

clamp seems much much better (can be made passive too btw).

In one of the scrimmage videos for Turning point, you will see one team using a fork-style intake. However, the issue with that is when the robot jerks around or of the lift is raised too fast, the cap just flies right off. I’m sure there will be a few people who can refine the design, mabye make it more reliable, but personally I feel that a piston style claw that 8068 had or a motorized claw may work better for early season robots.

I keep seeing teams use this fork style passive intake to flip caps by using some lift followed by rotating side ways in a lot of scrimmages. However, after watching a few videos, there are so many risks with the expansion zone, and I’ve come to hate that intake altogether. However, I still think grabbing the caps passively is best, unless it can use one motor to actively grab and rotate the cap (one for both, not separately). But rotating it will have to be active

I’ve found that wrapping parts of the fork with anti slip material dose a lot to help with caps flying off. Personally I haven’t had any issues with caps flying off like that

We did this as well with similar results. In fact, our rel awe mechanism wasn’t working and it caused the cap to be at a solid45 degree slant and it still didn’t fall out without quite a bit of jerking. I think with passive already coming out this early they will dominate within a couple months or so, especially with the v5 motor limit if 8

Any ideas for a passive intake that can get caps when they are tilted without the ball underneath them

Caps are never tilted unless upright or are resting on something else such as a ball or platform; they self right. Because of this, it is unnecessary to make a passive intake that picks up caps that are tilted. If this is your only concern about the double fork intake, then it is probably what you should use because this is unnecessary. There are other negatives that come with the double fork intake, so don’t let my statement prevent you from prototyping and experimenting. If you are worried about caps on the platforms or on the balls, a simple push will get them off and then you can operate as usual.