Caring for VEXnet keys (and other equipment)

**EDIT: **This could be put inside a suitcase as check in luggage, which is probably what we would do if we were able to.

Half of the foam can be removed in the box, the plan is that if we are taking one robot (and one joystick) on a flight, we can remove the left half and use that for something else (probably batteries or something along those lines). I have a short flight with the robot in early November so I guess I’ll use that as a test.

Yeah, the batteries are a pain in the airport, we had to take all our batteries as carry on in April, but because we were in the Kiwibots group it was handly that not every team had to show their batteries. A bunch of guys with the same batteries all in the same Kiwibots shirts, they figured it out. We’ve always been checked for explosives, must be the way we look :wink: I try not to look too suspicious, never seems to work though…