Carrying Caps

At the moment, I can only think of a few different ways to carry around caps: putting a claw on a lift, creating a U-shaped bracket that can slide underneath the flat side of the caps to act as a passive way to hold caps, and just pushing caps around with the robot.

What are some viable-sounding ways to carry around caps? I was thinking about a claw resembling a clamp, with two padded plates perpendicular to each other that could clasp together to secure a large surface area, though I have no clue how I would go about doing that.

I am personally going to go with a passive method. It would basically be the U shaped bracket you were talking about, except it would also have a U bracket on the top, so I can flip a cap without it falling off. I don’t think an active claw will be necessary, but a design that flips caps super fast might involve an active cap grabber.

I might do a cap grabber that obtains 2 caps at the same time.


I’m sticking with the claw for now. The cap is quite light and the claw with the lift will be able to score on poles easier, I think.

Yeah, i would do the passive intake because with 8 motors you want to make all things you can make passive passive.

Bro. Read the manual omg!

EDIT: It also states you can only possess only one Cap at a time IN THE GAME VIDEO!

With teams still stuck with V4, do you think dedicating a motor to an actuated claw would provide any advantage?

Well the cat is out of the bag so the team I coach can’t get mad. They plan to prototyping a double-U cap sandwich (I think he said) once (school) finals are over.

I think a double U-bracket intake with a rotating pivot point on the “wrist” of the arm might be good. you could grab a cap passively, and turn it upside down while lifting it over to the posts, and then simply back out.


Yup, this is exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for putting it in words so well!
I wonder if it will be really good, or if other passive designs will dominate.

im thinking of a fork or a u shaped fork but i wouldn’t use an active flipping mechanism because you could most likely just use your intake and lift to flip the cap.

like a waffle maker!
** w a f f l e ** meta confirmed

can we permanently call this a waffle intake

Makes as much sense as a Goliath intake.

pancake intake?

No, its a forklift, please call it what it is.

yeah… it is a passive fork.

w a f f l e.

In all seriousness, would the intake also grab the back of the cap, or would it be more like the mogo intakes where you only grabbed the sides?