Carrying multiple Skyrise sections

According to the rulebook, a robot can carry only one Skyrise section at a time. I feel as though this rule places large constraints on the type of robot a team can use since it will be required for your robot to elevate itself in order to build the tower. I personally think that this rule should be changed to allow robots to carry as many sections as they want in an attempt to allow more freedom of robot design. The rules are unofficial right now and can be changed, all it takes is people to voice their opinions. Please feel free to share your thoughts on the subject.

It seemed like you wanted the community to support your suggestion, and were not looking for an official clarification from the GDC: as such I moved this thread into the public area.

Let me know if this was an error, or if there is anything else we can do for you.

PS - (I like the one at a time rule.)

I think that the ruling is fine. In toss up, the three bucky limit made people build fast and efficient scoring robots instead of hoarders. It will be the same this year: Fast and efficient building of Skyrise Sections.

I like the rule the way its is because it causes teams to build faster robots and adds more

If robots could hold multiple Skyrise Sections, it would be possible to score 30 points in a matter of seconds. Just have a secondary intake to your main cube one, pick up all seven sections, and spit them out while raising a linear lift, building the Skyrise really fast and getting 28 points. Then go ahead and dump your cubes on there. I think it’s fine how it is - it will encourage robots to work together to quickly build the Skyrise.

That’s exactly what VEX wants, I believe. VEX likes linear lifts.

The point of the rule right now is to make it challenging. I would expect that the GDC wants teams to be challenged to build taller robots that can go all the way up to build towers taller than Karthik. :smiley:

There is also a strategy perspective to it, as you don’t have to go all the way to seven sections, so teams need to make a decision as to how tall their robot will be.

I can see why you want to be able to move multiple ones, but that way teams can simply raise the stack of sections up, and put one underneath.

I can carry more than 11 cubes on my guys should need to be more creative. Just Saying :slight_smile:

This thread is about the Skyrise Sections, not the cubes.

But I’m curious, have you tested holding 11 cubes? That’s about 13 lbs, not to mention the enormous volume that those cubes would take up.

The 18x18x18 inch constraint allows for a total volume of 5832 in.^2, and 11 cubes (not more than, just 11) takes 5632 in.^2. Impossible to hold them all within that area. How do you store them?

On topic, I rather support the one-at-a-time rule. It also backs up the overall objective of keeping this as an offensive game, forcing robots to be speedier rather than a giant dump truck or something.

I do understand the want to make the game challenging, and that is why robots are only allowed to carry one section at a time. However, I can already for see this game as being full of U shaped bodies with massive scissor lifts. I realize the fear that a team will could make the perfect robot that holds all of the sections and can elevate as high as all of the other ones if they could hold multiple sections. This would be possible, albeit extremely difficult. I also see how the single carry rule makes it imperative to be an offensive alliance, but if my robot is paired with one that cannot handle the sections, that is a serious disadvantage to an alliance of two robots that can. This brings me to another point, Vex states that they want teams to be offensive, yet the options for scoring the most points are all in defensive locations which does not mesh with Vex’s vision for strategy.

TL;DR: hold multiple sections (maybe not all) to provide freedom of strategy

P.s. Sorry for originally posting in the Q & A section

How? There’s only one autoloader per alliance, so only one robot can pick up a skyrise section at a time. Since the skyrise is directly behind/in front of the autoloader, there can really only be one robot building the skyrise in order to be as efficient as possible. Grab, turn around, lift, plop, turn around, lift, lower, repeat. Having two robots trying to do the same task in the same effectively tile is not going to work out too well… I suppose what you could do is have robots that “orbit” the skyrise base and do the above routine all while driving in a circle. That would be super cool, but requires a whole lot of practice and being on the same alliance.

I agree with you on your last point though. I think it’s odd that the GDC decided to rope off the highest scoring potential from the other alliance. But without it, the game would be terribly unbalanced with teams just trying to get in each others throats preventing them from scoring the skyrise.

My question is whether I can build the Skyrise from the bottom rather than the top.

I can see where it is very possible to grasp one section of the Skyrise and lift it and then insert another section at the bottom of the tower. While I would be in contact with two sections, can the rules be changed to allow this kind of build.

I don’t want to open the rules so that a bot has contact with more than two sections. But, I would like our teams to explore both approaches. (Different engineering approaches are then possible.)

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I was thinking about this as well… what if you were to build the tower in your robot, and place cubes all the way up on it, and at the last few moments of the match place it in the base, making it a completely mobile goal that you could take to the cubes

Building the skyrise tower in your robot, you would be violating the rule that says teams can only carry one shryrise section on their robot at any given time. Thus making it impossible to build the tower on a robot.

I was going to say that myself, however, the whole point of this thread is to talk about that one rule.

Personally, I like the one at a time rule, but having a robot carry up the stack and place it in between is a nice addition. I can sort of see it being allowed after consideration. However, building the entire skyrise inside your robot goes a bit far.

I agree that it is a bit too far, I was just saying it would make for a really cool robot, and really good strategy if not for the rule.