Porche or Lamborghini
I like porshe because there fast but semi safe. I want to know why you like ether of these choices and what color do you like for these type of cars

im not trying to be rude, but some of these polls are just completely random, with absolutely no explanation as to what the creator is asking. please explain yourself when creating a poll, otherwise it is basically pointless.

also not to be rude but some ppl ar just curious or have nothing better to do with their time

Thank you. No offence paloliketaco but when there are no posts i have to make my own:o

i like both lambergini and porche there both fast but for lambergine red or yellow and for the porche silver

I kida like the classic yellow for both maybe for the Lamborghini a lime green instead

ya yellow is always good and lime green would look pritty good on a lambo