It’s the same thing as the human robot thread. Of course human robots aren’t legal.


But that was about robots

Yes. Human robots

Yeah but that was joking around about a human ROBOT and it was about how they would compete at comps. This is about your favorite car, it has nothing to do with robotics

Cars are robots that run on who knows what.
I didnt rlly make this thread for myself, since I’m not much of a car guy, but we were derailing another thread, so I figured I’d make this
Now where were we on cars?


You can move on without worrying about it.

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I see what you did there

We were on pop ups and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10 vs. Subaru WRX Sti.

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Which Car is better?

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 10
  • Subaru WRX Sti

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I voted lancer just because I drove it in asphalt 9 lol.
I’m more of a tank guy


I think it would be cool to make an EV out of FRC parts. four 3input NEO gearboxes, one for each wheel of the “car”


I made my 4-year old a car powered by VEXpro motors, gearboxes and ESCs.


What about an Anti lock braking system?

At worlds this year if we make it, I’m gonna use my 1/8th scale rc rock crawler to pull the robot around on with a trailer


1/8 is not large enough. You would need a 1/5 RC car, the traxxas X-maxx would do the job. But that’s actually a pretty good idea I would recommend you try. It’s going to become a trend and C20 is going to say: Robots may not be towed on RC cars, as it causes arguements between the drivers and the cars and robot drivers.

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I saw people pulling there robots at worlds on traxxas slashes with 2 wheel drive, this thing has pulled my 180 pound body up a hill in a wagon. It’ll pull a 20 pound robot

They must of been the brushless version. And I don’t know about that car pulling your entire body.

You guys may be pulling your robots, but my team is going to fly our robot via rc helicopter.

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No u scrub. My bot will fly itself to the playing field lol.
(The scrub part was a joke btw)

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You got yourself a drone bot???!!