Cart for worlds?

So I was looking at world’s details today and found that the convention center for worlds is like a mile long. I remember at nationals last year that we had a little hand cart that was pretty useful. But with these kinds of distances you are probably gonna want extra batteries, programming cable, laptop, toolboxes ETC… I know some teams out there have some pretty cool carts that they use, so what did you guys buy, or what is your solution?

Trolley… between pit to field…

Luggage cart with support platform…

Pelican has a great case , the 0350, that fits the robots well. You can get wheels for it. Then you can ship with it with wheels off and put the wheels on to use it to get from pit to field, etc…

Yes, how about RECF makes a transportation system with golf carts, would be great.

We were using this one

But that broke so we bought this. Seemed to be very popular at worlds last year

Last year we carried everything all over the expo center, and it was unpleasant. Hopefully, we’ll get something this year.

These Harbor Freight carts seem to be popular.

EDIT: same one as @Team80_Giraffes posted; he was too quick.

Moving walkways

our team built our own wooden box that holds our robot in the bottom section but in the to it holds every thing else but extra metal. the bottom of it that holds the foam is padded with foam for bus rides. I built it by myself in a day and it was dolly wheels so it is easy to move around. I can post a picture tomorrow if needed.

That sounds pretty cool.

Laugh if you must, but this sort of thing actually works quite well. It’s easy to pop off the foot rests and the whole thing folds up to fit in your car or pit. Just be sure to check dimensions so your robot fits in the seat. It even has a seat belt to help hold the robot in. Works for moving grandmas, too.

If you make your own cart, just make sure you don’t use tiny, hard wheels without some kind of shock absorbers: these will transmit every little bump in the parking lot to your robot, hard drive, etc.

My school is making a couple motorized carts to haul robots and tools around. Enough to move one person at just about jogging speed across a convention center. Much better than lugging around the robot on a crate.

You could sell rides! Who wants to make an Uber for robot transport at Worlds?

On a separate note… I am seriously thinking of getting one of these for World…

But I wouldnt want to pack it back home after World… would anyone interested to take over this from me at 50% retail price? :stuck_out_tongue:

@meng Sorry to rain on your party, but personal transport devices, and any motorized things (hoverboards, platforms etc.) are strictly prohibited this year at worlds.
At least that’s what the Q&A says

Although those motorized carts sound pretty awesome, may I ask what you guys are using?

Guess I am going to loss 4kg at the end of World (not a bad idea too)…
It is really crazy to keep running around 4 divisions to catch their matches and pit and etc…

What if it’s made of vex parts :wink:

Last year we ended up being in Technology with our pit right next to Math. I averaged around 10+ miles per day walking during the event. I will say bring worn in comfortable shoes, make sure you have someone who will sit and watch matches to tell you how close your matches are(vextext was way off for us), and to bring a dual tired cart. We painted ours and put signs on it as well. The cart resembled an old projector cart that had a top and bottom. We put the robot on top and any spare batteries and supplies went underneath.

I agree it’s a shame, but understand why. Wish I could use them since we will have 2 VRC and 1 IQ team at World’s I may lose 30 lbs just trying to get back and forth. They are nowhere near each other.

One of the teams I mentor had a REALLY REALLY heavy bot, they used this cart at State even though the pit was close to the field. It worked well. It folds for storage, and can be a 2 wheel cart or 4 wheel dolly.

Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

My schools are made of vex pro with some plywood.
Well, I’m just hoping my pits are as close to my division as last year. It was maybe a 1/8-1/4 mile walk to my division. I just hope I’m not in arts, and this is just because of where 1575 falls every year at worlds. Arts division is so far away from my pits every year. I did lose weight at worlds though because of the short sprints to and from when we needed batteries and all the ones on hand proved to be drained or too low to use.