Cascade lift challenge

Make full instructions on how to make a cascade lift.

I highly doubt anyone on these forums is going to give you step by step instructions on how to build anything, much less a cascade lift. Look on YouTube and the forums for past cascade lifts for ideas, and try to build one yourself. You will learn much more this way and will not have to rely on instructions in the future, allowing you to express your creativity to the fullest.

Thanks. I was just seeing if anyone had published a new style of lift.

If you do not understand the basic cascade lift concept, I would recommend learning how it works and then watching this video

How to build a cascade lift, brought to you by members of 2381:

Take raw materials.

Organize materials in a way that seems to be healthy and conductive to building a cascade lift. (this includes adjusting any parts, and sizing any parts out properly).

Take many many photos of how everything should go together

Properly assemble and attach raw materials in said fashion.

Test. Test every component individually, then as a whole. Sometimes one part will affect another in a weird way. Make sure chain is good, make sure there is no friction, make sure that you put everything into your engineering notebook.

If broken, fix broken parts. Make sure parts don’t break again.

how’s that?

put metal
make good
go to worlds

Actually the correct order is:

go to worlds
build robot at worlds right before match
win worlds

I don’t see how this is a challenge. Even if someone did make full instructions, nobody would ever use the exact same lift. The whole point is that you’re building something that suits your needs and (ideally) works better than anyone else. After all, it is called the VEX Robotics Competition, not the VEX Robotics Instruction Following.

  1. Find youtube video
  2. hole count mechanism and rebuild it
  3. Make it work better
  4. profit(?)

Or, click this link to get you started.