Cascade Lift Clicking

So, our team uses a cascade lift in the same style as 448x. It worked fine at first, but now whenever we run the lift, the chain clicks over the teeth on the sprocket. How do we fix this?

If you are using zip ties check to make sure they are still there and are still tight. This happened last year to us and we found missing zip ties.

This sounds like a tensioning problem to me. It might help if we had some pictures.

Have you checked the tension of the chain, often times if the lift is too heavy and the chain is even a little bit loose, it can skip.

When it is where it is now, it is too loose to work right. It won’t fit around if I remove 1 chain link.

Then it seems that something else has to change in the design. Pictures would be nice as soon as you can get them. That way, we can help figure out a good solution to your tensioning problem.


You could extend the chain more an use an idler gear, but that might add unnecessary friction, depending on the specific design.
You could change how the stages of the lift are set up to need a completely different chain length.

what sized sprockets are you using?

I can’t say with absolute certainty I know how to build a cascade, but I find that whenever there’s clicking in the sprockets its generally a good idea to make sure they are lined up properly so the chain isn’t at a diagonal.

Maybe a bent axle, if it was tensioned correctly at first and now isn’t? Or something missing / broken (such as zip tie mentioned above)?

As @JoshyB said, the size of the sprockets you are using is very important. 6t sprockets are not that reliable for maintaining their hold when under a lot of force.

Also depending on how much space you have to put the sprockets on, you could switch to a bigger sprocket which might fix your tension problem.

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