Cascade lift design

Our team is currently trying to design a cascade lift robot. However, we can’t decide whether we should use linear slides to secure each stage of the cascade lift or not.
It would be helpful to us if we could get some pros and cons of the 2 designs(in the links).


Linear slides:
Pros-Easier to build
Cons- More friction, consumes more lateral space per layer to accommodate the slides between each layer, more likely for your lift to lean at the top
Pros- Less friction, consumes less space since its just c channel within c channel, less likely for your lift to lean at the top
Cons- Harder to build, you need to buy or laser cut or file custom spacers

Cons- you are using a cascade lift


True, you should just use a simple rd4b, but only go for a cascade lift if you absolutely do not have the space for an rd4b. Also, you could just use a 6 bar or a chain bar if you don’t need the movement to be linear. cascade lifts require a lot of time and work to be put into them for them to be good enough. Way too high maintenance. Dreadnaught’s lift is definitely better than the linear slides and they have openly said that they should have just used an rd4b because they put way too much work into making the cascade work good. rd4bs are faster too.

If you don’t have space for a lifting mechanism that you want then redesign your shooting mechanism

Could someone please describe what a cascade lift is? I looked it up online and it gave me a wholesome variety of responses so I couldn’t really pinpoint which one is relevant to this topic.

Any help would be appreciated.

For elevator lift, there are 2 ways of chaining up the different sections.

Continuous - the different sections will move up one after another, i.e. after the 1st section is up, then it will pull the 2nd section up, etc.

Cascade - all the sections of the lift will move up at the same time.

(Note… this cascade lift is by jpearman)

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I would try to stay away from the liniar sliders, they are heavy and don’t keep it very straight, I managed to make a dreadnought without custom spacers so it can be done, I’d try to do the same

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Linear Lifts are recommended if you plan to build a Flywheel additionally. DR4B are better if you plan to build a puncher or catapult additionally. I personally prefer the cascade lift, since the weight is drastically reduced if you use spacers instead of sliders, and passively lifting is simpler:
Here’s the video to explain this: (BTW, the narrator isn’t me)

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Is it possible for you to show a picture of how you did that?


For a cascade lift we decided used the chains for this. The main problem with the cascade lift is that it wasnt sturdy. Linear slides are really hard to make it work and because of that we didnt use it at the end.

I would use gears or whinch and pulley kit