Cascade lift help

Could someone help me -
I have no idea how to build a cascading lift

Best vex cascade lift ever made. Team 99371A


honestly I would not recommend a cascade unless you know that that is what you want and need. there is a lot of friction and in my opinion a 6 or 8-bar lift can be built easier and it would possibly be more stable if done right.

6 bar would be okay, but an 8 bar is definitely worse. The amount of sway in a even well built 8 bar is pretty bad. Then there amount of arc while lifting makes it hard to drive.

I’m just building it for experience - I’m not planning on competing with it. I’d just like to know how cascade lifts work

Ok I thought you meant for a competition. I tried doing that but I just ran out of time and skill because it was also the first time I tried building one.

What makes this cascade lift the best cascade ever made?

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