Cascade lift power

I was wondering if a cascade lift provides more power or strength to be able to lift heavier things than a DR4B

the amount of power or strength is going to be the number of motors you’re using minus energy losses through friction.

so to answer your question, no, unless you can find a way to make the cascade lift have less friction that a dr4b, which isn’t likely.

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Which lift do you recommend, and is there a lift that would be able to lift more weight than a DR4B

I personally would recommend a dr4b because a dr4b is probably easier to build than a cascade. they both can be viable lifts, but there is a reason most people chose dr4b over cascade.


We built DR4B but it won’t lift our steel linear motion passive intake, and we need a way to fix this, any suggestions, or any other ideas for a completely different robot we could try?

I believe you already have a thread regarding this, it sounded like it was an issue of build quality.

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Ok, thanks, just trying to get some more ideas

yes, a dr4b build correctly can lift a lot of weight. you’d be better off trying to fix your dr4b than you would trying to build an even more difficult lift.
check out 333a’s dr4b tutorial, it’s great:


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