Cascade lift spacers link

Does anyone have a link or an exact product name/ID of the spacers Dreadnaught used in their cascade lift?

I don’t think this was the exact robot you’re looking for, but I’ve heard 2.9/16” spacers on this thread:

I’ve also heard McMaster spacers, which I’m sure come in a wide variety of sizes. However, it sticks in my mind that Dreadnaught used custom, laser cut washers.

2.9/16 inner or outer?

I’m not sure. Just a number I found on that aforementioned thread.

The black spacers work for me, don’t know why everyone tells me they don’t.

Black spacers are weak. If you tighten them with a screw a bit too much they will crack at the worst moment. Like in finals.

The only good use for black spacers is on axles, when they do nothing but spacing.

Use white nylon spacers anywhere where you need them to be strong and carry any weight.



This isn’t what they used, but they are comparable to the laser cut ones they used. We used them on a cascade.

They mention it in their video that they are cut out of the ones that vex sells to a smaller diameter and i think they say the diameter too.