Cascade lift vs Continuous lift

Our team decided to use some sort of lift mechanism to score caps on to the post for “Turning Point”. So far, we decided to choose between cascade lift and continuous lift. The problem is, we are unfamiliar with the advantages(and disadvantages) of each lift.
It would be great if someone can point out some pros and cons for each. Thanks!

I would have a look at this. If you look at page 14 onwards it has some good explanations of both lifts and some pros and cons of each.

I do not understand why cascade lift have different cable speed for going up and going down.
If 1 revolution of sprocket equals(roughly) the diameter of the sprocket times the number of stages, shouldn’t that be the same for the chains going down(-1 revolution) if we do not consider gravity?

Can anyone please explain this to me.

If there are multiple stages, a rotation of the chain going down will result in the lift going up more due to all of the stages moving up at once. The going up chain does not have this multiplier effect.