Cascade Lift

How would one create a cascade lift without using linear slides, such as in this video? Our team is at a loss as to how this would be done.

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uh, you linked the same video OP linked

Oh sorry, I wasn’t aware that the they used linear motion slides on their lift.

for a while I was experimenting with an idea of cutting slits in spacers for the walls of the c channel to fit into, it proved to be a very smooth way of doing this with very few friction points. I was, however unable to develop this idea fully before my first competition. Feel free to pm me if you want to learn more about this idea.

the key is linking the chain together in the correct way, the video up above is a great video and it just takes a little design and practice

I wouldn’t say that that is the key, The chain should be the easiest part really, the sliding mechanism is what you have to worry about

The custom parts are the most difficult barrier. If you have a few dollars to spare, its not too much of a hassle to walk into a hardware store and get your hands on some grease and spacers.
Our team uses a cascade lift; currently we’re 6-32 screws that are 1" long with nylon spacers (ID: .144" OD: .250" Height: .500" iirc) with white lithium grease. Just make sure you keep your receipts so you can pass inspection if you choose that route.

This shouldn’t pass inspection even with those receipts. You can buy any commercially available “washer” to fit a few sizes of screws, but not any commercially available “spacer.” If you buy spacers, they must be VEX-identical, and VEX spacers are “Nylon spacers with a 0.194” ID and a 0.50" OD" and certain lengths/heights.

I feel like this has been discussed before, but where is the barrier between thick washer and thin spacer? I’m sure there are some pretty thick commercially available washers out there.

Would the black spacers work?

It has been discussed before. I did a lot of hunting around. I couldn’t find any commercially available washers anywhere near a height of 0.5". Spacers can be found for #8 screws that have heights as much as 2" easily. When it comes down to it, if your purchase is for a “spacer,” and it’s not VEX identical, then this purchase is not protected by the rule on fasteners.

With sanding to something closer to a 0.25" diameter yes but otherwise no.

you don’t need custom spacers, if you use 3 sections you can reach the high posts with no issue, but i don’t think its worth it. My cascade lift took the whole summer just so it could out preform 6-bars, you should spend your time and energy working on a puncher or catapult. A one ball catapult is very easy to create and you could still build a lift after that but you should focus on the catapult first because ball shooters, or even dedicated cap flippers, are better than cap stackers. This is the case because i was able to create a passive cap desirer quite easily, it doesn’t take a lot to desire caps.

Before looking at this I tried it, and it worked

A quick and light cascade is a great addition to a bot that can already shoot very well. I have a flywheel bot that is running great and with the addition of our cascade lift we are more useful in a match when paired with a team that can only shoot while still being able to quickly toggle all the flags if needed. But I do agree a ball shooter/catapult should take priority over a lift.

I agree that it can make a good difference but I’ve found that adding motors to the drive and having a good cap flipper is better, flipping a cap on the ground is a point difference of 2, stacking that cap is only a 1 point difference and it can easily be knocked down with a passive device. It’s better to be faster.