Cascade vs Continuous

which is more time consuming, cascade or continuous?

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Cascade, It’s just more complicated. That being said, neither is that great of an option for this years game.

PS - You should change the tag from Vex IQ to VRC.

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Cascade is a bit more challenging to build but continuous is prone to a lot more problems than cascades, like the second stage getting stuck on the first or the a middle stage going down first.

Any video links of successful cascade or continuous lifts in VEX ?

Really great video.

I’ve seen a lot of teams be slightly turned off at the idea of a cascade can you clarify why?
Is it mostly the speed that is the issue?

Speed, reliability, and friction are some of the problems with the cascade lift, even if you manage to build a nice one. DR4B’s are a better choice for this years game because they can also lift heavier loads.