Cascading/Telescoping? Passive

Hi I made an account to ask a question regarding my paddle intake robot. You see we gain a lot of inspiration from the goofy robot documentary and reveal but I wanted to see if anyone knew about telescoping. Also called cascading, I would want it to be passive so when the blocks are pushed against it it will extend allowing more blocks to flow in. A tutorial would be nice I’m in early robotics.


Firs lt off this in in the wrong category. Second, here are some good links showcasing different Mechanismus and talking about them.

Hope this helps!


having a third (or second) stage that flips out is generally easier than making a cascading third stage, but if you want, the resources posted above are probably the best resources on cascading stages that exist as of now.


Also, you might want to recategorize this to tower takeover and not iq


We tried that, but ultimately opted for the third stage as it was better. If your intake system is too weak, the extending part of the tray will not extend out.

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