Catapult Actuation Poll

What do you think it is the best catapult activation method for starstruck?

Poll link

The options:

Direct driven example

Tensioner example

Slip gear example

Radial release (choo choo) example

Pneumatic example

Please vote.
I want to see what everyone thinks.

I’m going with it being either slip or choo choo

I would have thought there would be more votes for tensioner since it can be easily locked in a precise place at the bottom.

When I wrote this it was in last place.

It uses a pneumatic piston on a linear slider to lock the catapult down.
I think that it could be advantageous this year because other catapults would have to be held at a specific position, which could probably fail quite easily by releasing a bit too soon.
The pneumatic catapult has the same advantage, but it would use a lot of air.

I think the wording is a bit misleading.

BNS’ catapult uses a pneumatic lock/release, which is its relevant feature. All of the options use tension except for the pneumatic catapult (which I would have thought meant a pneumatic release if I didn’t watch the video and see that you were referring to Toss Up pneumatic catapults).

Ok, I’ve only ever heard it called a tensioner catapult before, I’ll keep that in mind in the future.

It has almost been a day no, so I think it’s safe to say that the results won’t change much anymore.
(You can still vote if you haven’t already)

You forgot about cams.
I’m voting other.