Catapult anyone?

The students told me that the toughest part is adjusting the catapult where it could do various heights with an 85% accuracy.

Mobile goal launcher is next!

This is a collaboration with 621A, 621B, and 621C

This popped into my head while brainstorming, but I decided that it was impractical. I know it won’t be the best design even if accurate, but I’d like to see an accurate catapult. I’m hyped (assuming this is real?!?).

^this makes me think it isn’t. But who knows.

Honestly, I’d find a mobile goal launcher more believable than a cone launcher; the cones require proper orientation.

The magic of Hollywood…

Video realism 10/10

The biggest struggle with the mobile goal launcher is the combination of needing lots of torque and lost of speed at the same time. It looks like they will have to use steel since the aluminum simply is not strong enough when you apply enough stored energy. You also need to be careful not to damage the field. Nearly 4 pounds in a hard plastic shell can do damage to the panels used on the field. Don’t ask me how we know.

Just… don’t launch mobile goals.

But but but…

Skills :frowning:

I personally have this design on my robot. It works fairly well. we’ve only broken 89 cones so far. We have run into trouble with the mobile goal launcher because the mobile goals go out of the field. You might not see the big deal there, but we have knocked out 10 refs in total. We have not been able to finish a full competition due to the disqualifications. However, we are hopeful we can get the injury count down to 5 per competition. Will keep you updated…

Maybe our teams can collaborate. So far, no refs injured but broken aluminum flying through the air seems a bit dangerous.

why not launch the stationary goals too?

Why stop there? Launch field tiles. You can now throw the parking tile to your teammate, even if they are broken!

Bottle Flip 2017

I think that was actually covered in the official Q&A. It is not legal for the robot to take the field apart even if it does not “damage” the field. For purposes of the rules, taking it apart is damaging the field even if no physical damage occurs. If not for that, it would be an interesting strategy.

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