Catapult disconnects from motor

The catapult keeps breaking loose from the motor. Do the motors get stripped out? I’m running a program with second hand kits


Could you send a picture to elaborate as to what your problem is?

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Yes, I’m headed home now and will send a video. This is the first time I’ve left the school before 8:00 pm. I’m new to this and I hate feeling like I can’t coach my students well. We qualified for regionals and now we are having these issues and I’m just not sure how to troubleshoot this

I see, well, you could break the team into groups for specific parts of the robot, and even though my team only consists of two people, we were able to qualify for worlds because we didn’t give all the work to the other person. And, sometimes that feeling will come, but it takes time for robots to become the best it can be. My robot had many problems, and at one point I felt like I just wanted build something else, but I put some time into it and now we qualified for worlds!

Hope this helps,

Shyam B

Consult this thread

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This one too. The topic has been explored a few times

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