Catapult distance issues

Hey guys I need help Getting my catapult to shoot farther and weve moved the mechanical stop multiple times and nothings worked any ideas?

probably a tension issue, not a trajectory issue. add more rubber bands, or increase whatever source of tension you’re using.

we had 12 ruber bands on each side and it was shooting maybe 2 feet in the air and we have no more rubber band. but yesterday we could shoot 4 ish feet in the air and thats with 3 disc instead of one disc like today.

your rubber bands have lost elasticity, they will perform terribly in comparison to new rubber bands.


they were new but I think they were over streched

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Picture of robot and mechanism. Maybe a video. That will help a critical look. Side view of mechanism in action would be best.


my robot is at my school for practice but we have a youtube channel called 2011 Xtreme which show how the catapult was before the weird stuff happened so check it out at 2011 Xtreme
( maybe drop a sub sub while your at it’

if you stretch out your bands really hard and they are not of high quality, they will become worn out pretty quickly, which will lead to a loss in firing power over time.

Try reworking your tensioning system to have more bands stretching less distance, and maybe invest in some higher quality bands if you haven’t already.

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ya ive ordered some bands but my next comp is nov 5 and ima need some help tensioning it but i think i know how to fix it we had the bands doing like a 180 but if i make it less tight but give the bands more of a 90 degree angle it should improve power

pro-tip - put the link to the video you want us to watch to help solve your catapult issue.

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thats the link to the cata working any tips but now it cant even do that
also yes its not the best are season started two weeks ago anad are comp is nov 5 so we had to go fast also im a middle school team

It looks like it’s the way you are applying the rubber bands to the arm. If you mount the rubber bands as far out as possible, you can have more power with less bands. On our cata we have only 3 bands on each side because we mount it farther out on the arm.

If you put the effort farther away from the pivot you will have a better mechanism:

Another thing you guys could change is the angle of the banding. It looks like you are banding over the center point, when you should band similar to this robot:

Notice how the bands are above the pivot point

This page should explain catapults pretty well if you have any further questions :))


Our catapult works with 4 rubber bands on both sides, pulling down on the gear the launching table is attached to. It can shoot from about 1.5 tiles away. You might have lost tension, like others have said, but you should also check your axles to make sure they aren’t twisted or bending. Also, make sure to have your cata launching up, not forward. We launch ours at a 15-degree angle, so it goes up and not very far forward.

more tension 20cahrater

I personally do not think adding more rubber bands will solve any of his problems

You should not have that many my guy. Imo its purely a geometry issue


I mean if he wants it to go farther adding force does that… may not be the best. Course of action but it defo makes it shoot farther.

How long is your catapult arm?

19 holes after the 72 tooth gear