Catapult Help

Hey Vex Forum, I need help with my catapult. I’m making a launcher similar to a catapult but I can’t seem to figure out how to get a bucket that would allow the ball to sit in. Please help! Also, should I make my arm block light (what is the ideal weight). Any sort of help is greatly appreciate from my team.

P.S. Thanks Vex Forum for the previous help!

We use a scoop made of a 12x5x1x1 c-channel and four standoffs in the corners. This has provided us with a very consistent shooter (99% accuracy when I can aim). The mass of the arm is mostly irrelevant, since you can add elastics to achieve the same launch velocity, but lighter is better.

Try to develop a ratchet and pawl so build up tension from rubber bands and have the release system. Use 4 torque motors to ‘wind’ up the catapult!

Thank you so much; much love from a fellow Vex’er!

alternately, have an ironsight where you can line up shots with the top goal from most ranges This was an ispiration

Did you cut your c-channels? And thanks RZ!

Yes, we did.

No problem, also consider searching online for designs to see how you can improve