Catapult launching issue

Hello there, our team is facing a problem with our catapult. Unlike other teams, our catapult shoots the discs all spread out when it launches instead of all the discs staying together and shooting towards one spot. Our team NEEDS help on this.

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Can you send any images or videos?

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Here are some pictures and vids of the catapult

I am NOT a catapult expert, but I believe you need to have the part that launches the discs, not flat when it flings them. It needs to be at an angle I believe.

I am also not a catapult expert but I would recommend the part holding the disc (red) be parallel and attached to the c-channel (yellow)

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I’m fairly sure you shouldn’t be ending your catapult at a flat angle like that. You can try mounting the bar on the top of the 84-tooth gear and making a little bit of an angle at the end by cutting the bar and cross-mounting etc. I’d highly recommend you watch the catapult explanation video from @606X and look at their setup. That helped me a ton on my way to building a cata robot (although I am currently redesigning the drivetrain so its taken apart). Good Luck!

I used to have the same issue, but i fixed it by keeping my standoffs closer to each other. I think the distance between your standoffs may be a bit too much.