Catapult loading four balls at once

How is it that you load 4 balls at once? Two in the catapult, and two in the waiting area. How do you make the waiting area

What have you tried? Pictures?


i havent actually tried because idk how to do it. My teammate has my robot so i can send pics tmrw

So, in general we can’t really tell you how to do something. Even if we wanted to, it just not practical. Try and build it, and it just might have the desired effect out of the box. If it’s doing something weird and you can’t quite tune it, let us see and we can try and help.


what i have on my robot is my intake lifting balls up a wall, then when they get to the top of the wall they load into our catapult, then when the next set of balls gets loaded in, they just spin there waiting for me to launch the balls.

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