Catapult mounting height

My team is wondering what you have found to work the best for catapult mounting. We mount our cata relatively low on our bot and we can not seem to get consistent 3 disc shots. We were wondering if it had anything to do with the height of the catapult. Does anyone have any suggestions?

It doesn’t really depend on the height of the catapult; it depends more on the stopping angle and the amount of rubber bands. For example, a catapult that stops in a vertical position shoots forward or down, while a catapult that stops at a 45 degree angle shoots higher and farther. If by “not consistent” you mean that it varies in height and length of the shot, then try better build quality and a catapult stopper. If it doesn’t reach the goal at all, adjust the stopping point and the number of rubber bands would help.

So if I had a catapult that was a bit higher and had a vertical stopping point that would in theory work pretty well?

Moving it higher would help, but having the catapult stop at 45 degrees from vertical would help it shoot better.

I think launch height plays a big role. For this example, lets assume the disk flight as a parabola (which it very much is):
height of 14 vs 8

However, we spent most of our time tuning the angle. We launched basically flat, parallel to the ground. Rubber bands play a key role as well. However, height is important.

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