Catapult not going straight

So we recently just built a catapult using two motors, and when we tested it out, the catapult doesn’t shoot straight. We’ve tried many options in order to reduce the likelihood of the catapult shooting to the right (ex. we tried adding the support to the arm of the catapult in order to reduce the shakiness, we also shortened the size of the arm in order to make it more stable). Does anyone have this problem, if so can you tell us how to fix it. If not, does anyone know any ways to reduce the catapult not shooting straight?

Is your power distribution even across the catapult? If not, the side not being powered would lag behind the powered side, resulting in shooting off to the side.

Really, this seems more like a build problem than a design problem. Posting pictures and/or video would help us diagnose your problem.

yeah, the problem could be specific to only you so we can’t help without pics

Assuming the arm of the catapult is a c-channel, you might need to have the gears where it pivots on both sides. So the order of parts from left to right would be: gear, c-channel, gear. Instead of: gear, c-channel.

I’ve had this issue from too many rubber bands on one side of the catapult arm. The solution is simply to add a standoff to both sides and test different distributions of rubber bands. Eventually you should be able to make it shoot straight.

If this isn’t the issue, why don’t you post a picture or video so we can give you more specific help.

Good luck!

well i mean if you use too much it is going to go to one side,but if you use not as much then it will have enough power.