Catapult Problems, Post Fall season

So after a complete failure of our original catapult, I now need ideas on how to make catapults like these,, or, Because after are complete fail, are team sorta wants to mimic these types of catas but idk how the gear train works and how you keep it lowered without the rubber bands pulling it, so if anyone has a CAD doc, or blueprint, or anything for these catapults, and how to keep them lowered, then please help me and send it!

look at M-O’s robot they have a cata on it.

Please read this:

TL;DR: Don’t ask for ideas on the forum

As per how a catapult works, nearly all designs utilize slip gears. I probably can’t explain this very well, but a great resource for getting a basic understanding of most things Vex is the Purdue BLRS Wiki.

Good luck building your catapult!

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