Catapult Rachet Mechanism

I have built a Dual-Ball catapult for this year’s game, and I can’t figure out how to build a Catapult Rachet Mechanism in order to hold the catapult down to reload. Does anyone have ideas or even a diagram of how a Rachet Mechanism like this would work? I don’t think using Pententiometers would work as well as a Rachet System because the Pententiometers may be slightly inaccurate.

@5SRobotics I’m not sure I follow potentiometer for ratchets, the best way to do this would be a mechanical ratchet.

Here is what we did:

Sorry for the low quality, I’d take more pictures if it actually still existed. On the bottom right is the ratcheting mechanism, on the same shaft as the motor. That way the motor can only spin in one direction, and once the slip-gear goes, the cycle continues, without allowing the catapult to fire until the slip-gear is reached, without constant power.

Here’s a pic of the ratchet I made. It’s not perfect, the gear often slips past when it’s not supposed to, but it’s a start. To fine tune it I’m going to try cutting a pillow bearing and using an 18 tooth sprocket instead.
Untitled drawing.jpg

Ok I improved on the old design and made on that is 100% consistent
Ratchet 2 (1).jpg

This mechanism is very cool. Thanks for sharing it.

You actually made a ratchet. That’s actually really cool. I’m going to have to make one of these, thanks.

It makes a great fidget toy.