Catapult Shooting Crooked

I have a dual-ball catapult that works really well, but it shoots crooked. It hits both flags nearly every time, but every shot veers to the right. I’ve tried adjusting the rubber band tension, adding spacers on the catapult’s axle for tighter tension, adjusting the ratchet we are using, and making sure that all the standoffs on the catapult are straight. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Are rubber bands in similar conditions on each side? When you replace one side, replace them both.
It could also be that it’s just not mounted squarely to the base, but it looks fine.
Pictures/video would be helpful, if available.

check the c-channel too… make sure it is not twisted.

My team is also building one, and we have found that having a gear/slip gear on both sides of the bar rather than one is really helpful, so that it doesn’t twist in the split second before it shoots.
Also, make sure that your slip gear and normal gear are screwed together on the axle.
Also also, Pics/Vids would be helpful.
Also also also, if it still shoots consistently for the vertical aiming and veers to the right the same amount every time, you could just adapt to it.
Also also also also, it would be helpful to know how much it goes to the right.

The rubber bands are consistently tensioned on both sides, and the catapult is square with the base. I’ll try adjusting the rubber bands and spacing, but I think the C-Channel was slightly twisted. I’ll try changing that. Thanks for the helpful insight.

Also also also also also, what kind of rubber bands are you using? you want to use non-latex, because they are more resistant to stretching, heat, and uv light, so the tensioning will almost never need to be adjusted. Here is a link to a thread about just this topic.

Also also also also also also, another thing we used to get our catapult working is slo-mo videos of it shooting. It helps a lot more than you might think. Get angles looking from the side, at the gears, and from any part of it that has even a slight chance of being a problem. You’d be surprised how much you see that you missed in real time.

Also also also also also also also… id actually have nothing to say, i just wanted to say also seven times.

lol. Was wondering how many times you would say also before switching to “furthermore,” “additionally,” or something similar.