Catapult Slip Gear Question

I’m at the point in my catapult journey where it’s time to shave my slip gear, but I wanted to know certainly the relationship between holding the catapult in load position and slipping. When the arm goes to load position will my slip gear need to be barely on the last teeth on the slip gear? That way it’s barely holding on and if I leave a little space for the arm to move back into it would entirely slip and fire? That in my mind would make the most sense as the limit switch would stop it from spinning off those last teeth. Am I thinking about this wrong? Any comments would help tysm!

If I’m reading it correctly, I believe you are correct. The limit switch should stop the catapult when it is holding onto the last tooth of the slip gear. Then there should be a little bit of space for the catapult to pass that tooth and fire.

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Yep, that was exactly my question. Thanks!