Catapult vs Flywheel

I am thinking to built a catapult bot, but our robot already have a flywheel. Is a catapult better than a flywheel?

Are you talking about VRC or IQ. I am guessing VRC cause IQ uses punchers.

I have used both, and the answer to that is depending on what your strategy is. Flywheels are great for long range shots, but you have to make sure that there is very little friction, otherwise it will be a pain to get them in the goal. Catapults on the other hand, are great for shooting a bunch at once, but are a bit limited in range. So if you are already shooting really close to the goal, having a catapult will probably be more efficient. Otherwise, if you want to make them from basically anywhere, continue with the flywheel.

Hope that helps.

Flywheels can be made to shoot close range, and catapults can be made to shoot long range using a variety of techniques. The big thing to consider is resources. Flywheels generally are more reliant on more rare resources (flex wheels, ball bearings, etc) than catapults. But catapults do require you to sacrifice a gear to make the slip gear. Since you have already built a flywheel, I’d advise trying to improve it rather than switching completely to a catapult. At the end of the day, not one is better than the other. Matches are really decided on how consistent and reliable each bot is, but more importantly: driver skill.

The accuracy of catapults vs flywheels can vary on the type of build you make. In my experience, my team’s flywheel works much better than my team’s old catapult; having higher accuracy. However, this does not mean that flywheels are better, it just may mean that my team’s old catapult was not high quality, or my team was just not good at match-loading on it. As @lettucejr mentioned, the driver/match-loader(s) skill matters more than the actual flywheel or catapult. The materials you have available could also affect your choice between the two.

We switched from slapper to flywheel and our flywheel worked amazing

This topic was about last year’s game. @jpearman time to close.

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