Hey my team and I are currently trying to launch a pingpong ball apprx. 4.9’ and the current rigging we have set up the largest gear(84t?) and the medium gear (don’t know the amount of teeth for this one) launches it 26" not nearly enough distance. WE tried the largest and smallest gears but our arm was too heavy for it. We made it out of foam board so it would be lighter. We rigged it to a servo to channel 6.
Any suggestions/alterations we could make to launch farther?

As said many times before:

Search the forum. Iv’e been on this forum since the beginning and I remember tons of posts about ping pong launcher robots.

Also check this video out “


also, i find it nearly impossible to figure out what someones robot does unless i have a picture. if you attach a picture i can try to help you.

Would you mind telling us why exactally you need ping-pong balls launched 4.9’?

sounds like fun…i’d like to see a pic too

Sorry no pics…yet. But what it is is while the bot is pushing against a switch, it needs to launch a ball into a small box roughly 4"x7" the switch is 4.9’ from the edge of the box.

In order to receive points, we must have the balls go into the box which then funnels them into a tube. when the switch is not pushed the pingpong balls do not go into the tube = no points awarded.

I watched the video with the spoon pingpong launcher. Very helpful. I fugre that the lighter the arm is, the faster the ball will be launched.

Thanks! - i still have yet to test it