Caution Tape's first VEX IQ BattleBots tournament

Before Caution Tape’s VEX IQ teams dive into Pitching In season, we hosted our first BattleBots tournament. It’s so much fun.


What kind of rules did you have around sizing and motors? I’d be keen to try out something similar with our school robotics club.

Sadly, my first rule of VEXIQ is “this is not battle bots”, so my roboteers will not see this video.

But I thought it was great!!!

The holes in the floor is just genius!

I’d also like to see the rules, I’m interested in what the caution tape box in the center was for.

How did the out of the box battle bots do in the competition?


Our game rules are published at our blog now.
Caution Tape VEX IQ BattleBots 2021 - Caution Tape Robotics Club


always room to improve. looking forward to next season already. lol

The open holes in the field that are marked as black on the rules. Are they open in the qualification matches and open in the finals or were they always open?

What did the kill bot look like?

Holes are open in both qual and finals. Kill bot was a failed design, coz’ we made it too strong, vex parts cannot handle it. LOL.


Killbot out of IQ parts or Killbot out of VexPro parts? I can see a Hammerbot with 6 layer of 4x4 interleaved with 5 2x12 as a handle to make a pretty close to Thor type device.


Out of IQ parts. It wouldn’t be fair to use V5 or Pro parts to hit those IQ bots. LOL.


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