CCWM Formula

Hey guys, I was looking through VEX DB rankings, and noticed CCWM. I did some research and found out what it stood for, calculated contribution to the winning margin. I was wondering if anyone knows how this statistic is calculated? If you could let me know as soon as possible it would be much appreciated. Thanks you in advance.

It involves vectors and matrices:

Can you please exlain it to me for the Starstruck Season?

It is calculated by a couple of different methods.

Here’s the most recently updated presentation which describes how to calculate it, and its history.

Why “as soon as possible”? Do you have a bet on to see whether someone will tell you quickly? It’s just not the sort of thing someone needs to know quickly.

The reason I was wondering was because our team just finished a tournament and I was looking through the vex via app and I was curious as to how it is calculated. Thank you for helping.

CCWM is OPR minus DPR. It can be calculated separately using the same matrix method, but there’s a proof somewhere out there of the simpler way.

Proof is here:

It is briefly mentioned on page 16 of the PDF I referenced in my previous post.

CCWM is something our teams value highly when it comes to scouting. If they are in a position to be an alliance captain and they are trying to decide between several robots (usually for the third robot in the alliance), they look for a robot that complements their alliance and also CCWM.

I have researched about CCWM and I have noticed that it is very helpful when choosing alliances. I just want to know the exact calculations for my knowledge so that I can understand how the rating is determined.


Then you should download and read the PDF presentation I referenced above.

CCWM is useless this season. First, SPs ruin them, but this year it’s worse than usual (all scoring is descoring, etc.). Moreover, there is a cap to OPR and DPR. I could be a mediocre team going against awful teams and win by the same score an amazing team beats great teams by, or even by the same score an amazing team beats the awful teams by. I wouldn’t really read too much into these type of statistics this season.

As I said above, CCWM is OPR minus the DPR. The calculation process for OPR and DPR is identical for both, just with use of different values for each, which is explained in this PDF that @kypyro linked above.

We used CCWM as our only criteria for our second pick at one tournament and ended up with a middle school push bot. We decided it was the equivalent of buying a vehicle based on nothing but gas mileage and finding out that you got a moped.

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That is a very good analogy; it’s dead on.

The stats are very useful. But you need context to interpret them.