Here is my latest toy Centaurox.

I have had a Robosapien V2 for about 2 years now but I rarely played around with it because it walks like it has a pole stuck up its a$$. Other than the walking issue Robosapien is a pretty cool Bot. he(it) has color, sonic , positional and IR sensors all of which work pretty well. He is programmable and has a variety of on board functions ranging from burping to begging . He used to be able to wander around autonomously although this activity has been severely limited since I cut his legs off, muahahaha…ha .

What better way to improve Robosapiens truncated quality of life that to fit him with a custom prosthesis .

I will be more descriptive as Centuarox evolves. He will be fitted with military grade IR headlamps at least 1 wireless camera, and a primary weapons system . I would love to be able to integrate Robosapiens IR remote control with VEX’s RF system but that is a little ambitious for the moment.

Ever since I cut off his legs Centaurox keeps mumbling what sounds like “frikken first law”. Does any one know what this means because I am not a lawyer.

Truly epic my friend. Barring the roboraptor with a flamethrower featured in an issue of Popular Science DIY, this is the best robosaipen mod I have seen to date.

very cool. but where are you going to get the military equipment?