Central Washington University VRC Tournament 2012

Yesterday was the first VEX tournament ever held at Central Washington University. It was somewhat unusual in that all the volunteers were new to VEX, and half the teams were competing for the first time. Because of heavy snowfall in the mountain passes on Friday, several teams canceled, but there were still 29 competitors.

You can see all the results at Robot Events. I uploaded some video of Eliminations and the awards ceremony at my YouTube channel.

My congratulations to the students, faculty and staff at Central Washington University, who held a great event, and to the school’s administration who offered partial tuition waivers at CWU to students on the top alliances who enroll there next school year. Way to go, Central!

Congrats to 10B for winning the Excellence Award and qualifying!

Thanks a ton! We finally qualified with our 44-style robot… Now we can work on our super special robot without having to worry about qualification ;D. See you soon, and good luck to all the Gladstone teams.

how many exos were there?
and congratz on the qualification!
hope to see your “super special” bot soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks! And I believe the ones that attended were 10Q, 575, and 10D. It’s nice to qualify earlier. Less pressure and more time to think :stuck_out_tongue: I think the only other time we qualified early was with you guys during Round Up.

Thanks for the videos! Very nice camera angle for those elimination matches.

Smart play and solid driving from 10B, congrats on qualifying!